What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of encouraging organic traffic to your website from the search engines. There’s often a lot of confusion and apprehension over SEO, but essentially if you are creating content for your website or even posting on social media sites, you are already working on your SEO! We’re here to help you understand how to make the most out of your efforts to enhance your optimisation and improve those all-important rankings.

In a nutshell, SEO is all about increasing the quantity and the quality of organic traffic to your website. To best explain the various components of SEO, in the industry we typically divide it into two elements; on page SEO and off page SEO.

On page SEO definition

On page SEO is made up of the many factors on the pages of your website that affect your position in the search engine results. As SEO specialists, we have best practice solutions for all elements of on page SEO including your meta data, headers, body copy, load speed, site security (e.g. HTTPS and SSL) and internal linking structure, to name just a few.

Fundamentally, we need to understand how usable and useful your website currently is, and make changes that provide a better user experience for all who visit. Modern SEO should be primarily rooted in the experience of the user; if you’re doing things solely for the search engines, you’re not doing it right.

Our designers and developers are up to date with the latest in best practice SEO, so if you’re looking for guidance on a fresh website that creates a strong foundation for your SEO efforts, the knowledge and skill of our team is hard to beat.

Off page SEO definition

These are the factors search engines take into consideration that are created away from your website. The biggest factor in off page SEO is link building, and we have a range of tried and tested methods to generate valuable, trusted links back to your website. Links are still incredibly important to your website, as they pass authority from other trusted, quality websites through to you each time a link is made. Social media also forms part of off page SEO and we’re well versed in delivering perfectly optimised social media profiles and content plans.

We offer everything from SEO consultancy to ‘doing the do’ of ongoing SEO work so whether you need some support to get going, or if you simply need an SEO agency to take on the task of your ongoing SEO requirements, we can provide everything you need. Fancy finding out more? Let’s arrange a Brew and discuss your needs.

What can we optimise for you?

Keyword research

Our SEO specialist will work with you to understand your current performance in search through an SEO audit and create a strategy that can be implemented by your own team, or by us. We root our digital marketing creation in the SOSTAC marketing methodology, so rest assured our work will integrate with your wider digital plan.