What is web development?

Web development is what gave us digital marketing in the first place. Without people like our experts, we wouldn’t have websites, apps, artificial intelligence, or any of the technology needed to change the world and change minds.

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Systems and database design

At the foundation of everything we do in digital is a system or database, so our web development experts make sure that your brand’s technology is built to hold key information, integrate with other systems, and shows the processes and data sources you need to know.

Hosting infrastructure configuration

Creating action-driving tech means nothing if there’s nowhere to host it, so our web developers know everything about setting up and migrating hosting providers, configuring servers and systems to your specific needs, and optimising asset delivery.

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI)

Marketing automation is the future, leaving you to think about the big picture while menial tasks can be automated. AI can also be used to gather and analyse data to improve processes and workflows, making your teams more efficient. Just ask us how.

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