What is email marketing?

Email marketing – good email marketing – is that feeling when an email hits your inbox and you just can’t wait to read it. These days, it’s rare, but our expert email team thrive on evoking that feeling in your customers using email segmentation and personalisation, email testing, and carefully-strategised customer relationship management (CRM).

Get your customers smiling at their inbox

Modular email templates

For new brands or those looking to shake things up, a new email template can really capture the eye of your audience. In collaboration with our designers, we’ll create a bespoke email template for you, made up of blocks you can include with ease for highly-segmented email marketing.

Bespoke CRM planning

Getting someone into your email database is only half of the battle. Keeping them engaged is the next challenge, but it’s one that we understand well. We’ll help you create audience-driven email journeys that keep your leads warm and your readers coming back for more.